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The starting point is the big GIALLO carpark.
THE ANCIENT PEOPLE’S ROADS” is a one-day hillside trail ranging from 5 to 20 kilometres or more, for families, walkers and MTB riders, an easy hike with lots of HANDY PARKING and access from the main road.

Points of interest to see along the way are signposted with their distance from GIALLO.
The outdoor hanging garden with herbs and spices from the Dolomites, which can be visited on request, marks the start of this trail.

Trail map. The ancient people's roads

1 Cycling Path

Munich-Venice km 510 9 / 12 days

2 Archeological

paleo-Venetian thermal baths area 6th century B.C. - 4th century A.d.

3 Memorial to Raimond Van Marle

The Hague 1887 Perugia 1936 famous art historian

4 Ciasa de la Regola

Ethnographic MUSEUM

5 Church of S. Tommaso

polyptych by Carpaccio

6 Church of S. Bartolomeo

works by Marco Vecellio

7 Church of S. Candido

works by Cesare Vecellio ( cousin to TITIAN )

8 Santa Maria Nascente

works by TITIAN and his assistants

9 Birth house of

Tiziano Vecellio

10 Magnifica Comunità

MARC Museum

11 Museum of eyeglasses

12 Forts of Montericco

WWI, also a defense outpost from pre-Roman times

13 Small church

The windows depict the apparitions of Our Lady of Caravaggio

14 Church of S.Biagio

paintings by Orazio (Titian's son )

15 Church of S. Anna

works by Gregorio Lazzarini

16 Church of S. Leonardo

built in 1430 Gothic style

VIEW over the entire valley

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