The GIALLO philosophy and herbs and spices from the Dolomites.

Our core philosophy is to provide an experience in nature for those who love its real value.

The GIALLO philosophy and herbs and spices from the Dolomites.
GIALLO is like the gold of the sun, it is gold like the flowers, aromas and herbs from the Dolomites. The values embodied by herbs and spices from the Dolomites are cultivated both indoors in the greenhouse inside our building and outdoors, in our hanging herb garden and along the trails that from here wind their way up into the Dolomites. We are putting together a library dedicated to the Alps, nature, flowers, herbs and cooking with a selection of books about the mountains, cuisine, herbs and spices from the 8 countries in the Alpine region: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Switzerland and Hungary.


The luxury of simplicity is enriched with local culture and the chance to visit the Eyewear Museum, the home of Titian and his works, those of his family and his school, the tomb of Raimond van Marle and his incredible story, forts from the First World War, the Palazzo Magnifica Comunità with its splendid stateroom and the museum of the early Veneto or “paleoveneto” era. All this is GIALLO!


GIALLO is a wooden bio-architectural complex, powered with renewable, biomass and photovoltaic energy sources. Wood, the natural building material par excellence, has been used wherever possible for the framework, walls and floors, furnishings and even the lamps.

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